What's new in beta 3?

Hello! Beta 3 is now live with many new changes!

If you prefer, you can listen to a video where I talk about these updates as well as demonstrate them.

Keep in mind that I changed a few things after that video was made, one of these are that the player can no longer walk too far away from the zombie in the tutorial. This change has made the tutorial better.

Here is the video talking about the rest of the changes!

What’s new?

* A lot of background ambience sounds has been added! (A lot of people requested that one)

* The credits screens have been refined!

* A file in the game’s folder now let’s you open the save-file location, making it easier to make a backup or copy it.

* There will be a sound played when the game is saved.

* There are now also places where the game will be saved, so players won’t lose progress if they die in a larger area.

* No longer need to equip pepper spray to use it.

* Subtitles should not go outside the screen now.

* Zombies in the restaurant will now behave correctly.

* And many glitches have been fixed!

Patreons can experience the new parts of the story before the game is fully released. This version adds around 15-30 minutes of gameplay.

* Meeting a new type of zombie

* May or may not get lost in the woods.

* Too many zombies

* Solving a riddle to uncover a legendary treasure (I'll give you a hint, it's a weapon :)  )

That's it for now! Stay safe everybody :D 


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May 11, 2022

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