It's soon time for a big update!

Hello everyone! I know it's been a while, and I've been working on a lot of new features that you can read about  in the list below! Updates are coming to all parts of the game!

As some of you already know, Blind Survival came second place in a pitching competition, which led to me receiving some money to keep developing the project! It's a good amount of money, however for the one year production timeline I planned for the game it's honestly not much. Thus I've planned on starting a Patreon, where you can support the project financially and get access to special content. I'm also planning to make that content purchasable here on for those who don't want to pay a subscription. The game will still have a free version during it's early development, but once the final release comes out it will be a pay-once game. Considering it's a long time until then, you can get exclusive content if you support the game financially during its development. This content will be an upcoming game modes, test weapons before they're available in the story and more! You will of course be able to give me direct and valuable feedback of this exclusive content if you decide to pay. Does this sound fair? 

So what have I worked on? Besides starting a company (which I admit took a lot longer then expected and I had to learn so many things.)

* Scavenge mode is a new gamemode where you will scavenge for supplies and trying to survive the incoming zombies! But be careful! Your ammunition is limited and you can only find more in the pickups that will appear around the area. In a future update the play area will be randomly generated to give each run a different feel. In the end your score is dependent on your time survived, zombies killed, shooting accuracy and the things you picked up during your run! This gamemode will be the first piece of exclusive content for those backing the project financially, hope I'll see you ranking up some high scores. This mode also comes with new challenges/achievements, I've reworked how the achievements are programmed so they are easier for me to program and manage!

* Endless mode will now get harder the longer you survive in an attempt, good luck getting those new achievements hehehe.

* Tunnel mode will also get a big upgrade. The ammo system is also implemented in this gamemode, so you will have to pick up ammo refills in the tunnel, this means you can no longer  walk backwards towards the goal and shoot in the opposite direction to get an infinite score, did anyone find this exploit or did I just reveal it to everyone haha.

* There is a new Inventory system in the game, I've tried to make it as easy to use as possible. You have 3 weapon slots, and you can put your weapon of choice in each of the slots. The game still only have 2 weapons. But this way there could technically be an infinite amount of weapons later in the story and everyone can choose on which button to have each weapon!

* The game is now using a new audio engine. This is a big reason why it's taking so long to get this update to you all. I had to rework all the code related to sounds. This audio engine let's me add more sounds easily and use more advanced sound systems. For example zombies behind you will sound different from the ones in front of you. I can more easily implement reverb in the game, which means environments will sound more realistic. I've also programmed a sound occlusion system, which for example means that the river will sound different when your inside a tent, or that zombies will sound different when your hiding behind a house.

* I remade the character movement script from the ground up, now it's easier for me to change/add features to it! Previously I used Unity's very old character movement from like... 2015?

* Right now I'm working on the new chapter for the story, let's hope it won't take too long. I don't want to spoil but I have planned out a story that will take you to many different places on the island that the story is taking place on. I'm also working on a new knife battle system, instead of just pressing one button as fast as you can.

* As well as many other small changes that I suppose you will have to explore for yourself once this new version comes out. Hopefully soon. Once I'm done with the new story part, learned how international taxes are paid through a swedish company, set up a Patreon and made a story teaser trailer... Oh dear I better get working on it. Thanks for reading all the way to the end :D

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